As per Article 15, part 2 of the constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, it has been recognized that one of the fundamental responsibilities of the state is to attain, through planned economic growth, a chronological rise in productive force and a steady improvement in the substantial and cultural standard of living of the people. Except this, importance has been given to welfare and development of total population including youth community in articles- 14, 17 & 20 of the constitution.

The youth constitute one third of total population in Bangladesh. For this important portion of population, determination of national outlook is undeniable. The history of our nation is enlightened by the heroic contribution of the youth. The youth of country played vital role in the language movement of 1952, mass upsurge of 1969, liberation war of 1971 and in all crisis after liberation. It is indispensable to encourage the youth in light of their glorious history of the past.

The youth are the most strong, self-confident, creative and productive guiding force of any nation. It is possible to reflect hopes & aspirations of a nation through the youth. The endless potential of the youth shall be utilized for their own, for the society and for the nation. Development of a nation is totally dependent on the spirit & urge of work of the youth. For this, it is evident to explore and utilize all the potentialities of them. On the basis of above philosophy, the aims & objectives of the present National Youth Policy have been formulated.

To ensure favorable environment towards productive practical education, training and self-employment for the youth and bringing out all dormant potentialities including their leadership quality aiming at national progress. The main objective of the present national Youth Policy is to create disciplined and efficient work force having responsibility of good citizen and creative mentality with a view to involving the youth in the national development stream also having respect towards national heritage and culture through a planned process.

The present National Youth Policy is updated as well as comprehensive form of the youth policy which was formulated in the eighties of the twentieth century and is being followed in the youth sector of Bangladesh. In light of changing global socio-economic situation, rapid advancement in the fields of science & information technology, the problems, rights, responsibilities of the youth, existing youth activities etc. the subject matter of National Youth Policy has been determined. According to this National Youth Policy all Bangladeshi citizens aging 18-35 years shall be treated as youth.


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